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Kevin Ford stone carver

Kevin Ford is a stone carver and artist based in Leicestershire, UK. Kevin was born into a British medical family in Germany and gave up art in favour of science to follow in his family’s tradition.

He won a place to read natural sciences at Cambridge University but decided it wasn’t for him. Instead, he switched to Anthropology and began a long journey back towards art. On leaving University, Kevin had a very successful forty year career as an entrepreneur, in both social and commercial worlds, setting up a number of not for profit and commercial organisations.

He started stone carving in 2016 ago by attending a workshop run by maverick Welsh sculptor Jon Sait in a tiny village in the mountains of Aragon, Spain. Carving stone, working by reduction and in three dimensions all seemed natural to him. Kevin is fascinated by the interaction of straight lines with curves and the tension between the elements of a sculpture that bring movement and life. He has worked with alabaster, various soapstones, onyx, marble and Kilkenny Blue Limestone.

Kevin is currently working on several private commissions some of which are outdoor site specific, others are smaller indoor pieces.

Kevin J Ford © M Bailie-3691.jpg

Working with Kevin

If you'd like to commission work from Kevin, enquire about exhibitions or for anything else, please get in touch.

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