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Estyn, 2019

Kilkenny Blue Limestone​, on block of Kilkenny Blue Limestone.


Size (including plinth) -  8 ft x 18 ins x 18 ins

Estyn expresses the human desire for improvement, our hope and belief that we can aspire to anything. 


The figure twists and rises out of rough stone, swirling like water, towards the clouds.


The title is a Welsh word meaning to reach out and stretch for. The piece was developed under the guidance of Glenn Morris, a sculptor based in Wales and the early work was done in his studio near Rhulen in Wales.

The piece was inspired by the spirit of libraries as places where we are free to dream and learn from all of the knowledge and wisdom in the world. 


The sculpture is currently on display at Scraptoft Hill Farm in Leicestershire, near Kevins workshop. 

Kevin Ford Sculptures © Michael Bailie-5794.jpg
Kevin Ford Sculptures © Michael Bailie-5798.jpg
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