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"The Musicians" and "Liz"

The Musicians approximately 35 x 25 x 20 cms

Liz approximately 25 x 20 x 25 cms

Both in Cornish Polyphant

Two musicians playing a duet. Harmonica and accordion. The music climbs and circles around them. They move together as one. The dance goes on, exuberant, energetic, creating a magic together.

A woman blending into an accordion. Liz. At one with her music. Playing tunes from her ancestral home in Orkney and beyond. Her father's music resonant. Haunting and timeless.

Both sculptures were carved for old friends. Retired teachers turned brilliant musicians. 

Kevin Ford Sculptures © Michael Bailie-5964.jpg
Kevin Ford Sculptures © Michael Bailie-6008.jpg
Kevin Ford Sculptures © Michael Bailie-5932.jpg
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